Here at TypeAd, we work hard on a high-end network, filled with high-quality, reliable content from premium publishers and marketers alike. Our biggest goal is to increase a better user experience for our partners.

We’ve developed advertising guideline for our partners to let them understand how we work and which content can/cannot be promoted. We control daily and have the right to reject or block any content, even after post-launch, if we feel that it doesn’t suit our guidelines or could harm the users’ experience of our partners. Also, both publishers and marketers can choose to block pages or sources that they don’t feel resonate with their brands.

If you have any questions about our guideline, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team.

We hope to see your content in our network soon!

Acceptable Page Types

Every Website that suits our guidelines and has a internal search bar.

Prohibited Categories


  • No promotion or sale of adult products
  • Content may not be:
    • Overly sexual
    • Imply nudity
    • Display excessive amounts of skin, cleavage or focus unnecessarily on body parts
    • Allude to sexual activity

Controlled or Illegal Substances

  • Content cannot promote:
    • The sale or consumption of alcohol
    • Ads must not promote the sale or use of illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs.
    • Tobacco-related products such as e-cigarettes, cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, vaporizers, hookahs

Hate, Violence, or Discrimination

  • Content cannot:
    • Defame an individual, organization, or group of people
    • Exploit or endanger minors
    • Segregate or classify individuals or groups of people by race, religion, ethnicity, sexual origin, color, age, gender identity, family status, disability, or medical condition
    • Include the use or promotion of weaponry or explosives
    • State a political point of view

Fake News

  • Sites that seek to intentionally deceive the reader into believing something that is not true
  • Content designed to deceive the reader into believing that they are reading legitimate editorial content or fact-based news
  • Could be a cleverly disguised advertisement (with little or no value afforded to the reader) or a piece of propaganda or a hoax

High Risk of Fraud

  • No content that encourages high-risk investments or money-making schemes with the intention of profiting off user participation (i.e. “Get Rich Quick” Schemes)
  • No Payday Loans or Cash Advance Loans
  • No Penny Stocks
  • No non-premium TV/Movie streaming boxes (acceptable brands are Mi/Xiaomi, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire stick).
  • Tactical flashlights
  • No Penny Auctions


  • Contains adware, malware, spyware, virus, Trojan Horses, or other features designed to infiltrate or damage computer systems or access personally identifiable user information without explicit user consent


  • Content cannot advocate for or promote one religion over another

Unsafe Products or Supplements

  • No anabolic steroids, ephedra, or HGH (others may be added according to Outbrain’s discretion)
  • No weight loss supplements
  • No male enhancement or erectile dysfunction products directly sold to consumers
  • May not make illegitimate or unproven claims about results
  • No before/after photos of unlikely results
  • May not allude to diagnose, cure, prevent, treat, or reverse any disease, condition, or illness

Restricted Categories

Negative Earned Media

  • Direct competitors cannot promote negative earned media or content that defames or otherwise compromises an industry competitor without clear disclosure

Financial Services (Restricted)

  • Content must comply with financial governing bodies


  • Content cannot include the promotion of gambling, or be hosted on a site where gambling is facilitated
  • Promotion of physical casinos (as a destination) is allowed
  • State Run lotteries are allowed

Political Advertisements

  • All political content must have clear disclosure (ie. Promoted By [Political Party])

Landing Page Guidelines

Advertising Policies

  • Clear Disclosure Required:
    • “Advertisement” or “Advertorial” must appear clearly and prominently at the top of applicable pages. Disclosures must appear in a placement, color, and font size that is easily read by a reader
    • Affiliate marketing sites must clearly disclose any financial relationship between the site and sponsoring advertiser in accordance with governing guidelines
  • No Excessive Overlays or Pop-Ups:
    • A user must be able to easily close any popup advertisements or overlays that appear in connection with the landing page
  • No Misleading Advertising Techniques:
    • Fake testimonials
    • Fake comments
    • “Too good to be true” statements
    • Fake social media icons
    • Fake navigation that make a user think that it is a larger editorial site
    • Fake site logos
    • Auto refreshing date stamps to the current date
    • False 3rd party endorsements by celebrities or others
    • False rumors about any person/celebrity
    • Scare tactics to encourage users to take a specific action
    • Countdown clocks that make a user think the offer expires (when it doesn’t)
  • Required
    • Privacy Policy link
    • Contact Us link/section (for Advertorials/Affiliates)
      • Contact us section- All landing pages promoting the same of a product should have a “contact us” section with an actual email address. An empty form to email the site owners that offer no information is not enough. Financial landing pages should include an actual physical address.
    • Landing pages that are promoted in Germany must include an Impressum (imprint) as required by the German Telemediengesetz (TMD).


  • Content cannot be copied from another site or violate copyrights. Any plagiarized content without clear disclosure of authorship will not be allowed.
  • Content should not include trademarks or logos that are confusingly similar in design to that of third parties
  • Links in content must be labeled accurately and must link to the page or pages reasonably expected by the reader

Competitor Widgets

  • Additional sites may also be required to display the Outbrain widget for all Outbrain referring traffic


  • Content must be current and feature up-to-date information

Headline and Source Guidelines

The following is prohibited:

Inaccurate, Misleading, or Overly Sensational Headlines

  • Does not accurately depict the content
  • Exaggerates or embellishes the content
  • “Too good to be true” headlines (i.e. “One weird trick that will help you lose that belly fat”)

Offensive Headlines

  • Contains offensive words in any language
  • Employs sexual/violent/explicit language that sensationalizes content

Excessive Capitalization

  • Capitalize the first word of the title/heading and of any subtitle/subheading
  • Capitalize all major words in the title, including the second part of hyphenated major words (e.g., Self-Report not Self-report)
  • No excessive capitalization or inter-capitalization, such as words or phrases in all capitals (exceptions include trademarked brand names, acronyms, and common abbreviations)

Incorrect Grammar

  • Observe correct verb tenses, subject-verb agreements, and spelling
  • Use correct spacing (e.g. no missing or excessive spaces between words or punctuation)

Excessive Punctuation & Symbols

  • Refrain from inappropriate, aggressive, or tasteless punctuation in headlines
  • Do not use periods at the end of headlines
  • Repeated punctuation (i.e. “?!?!”) or symbols are not permitted
  • The use of emojis of any kind is prohibited in the titles.

The following is required:

Source Names

  • Disclosure regarding the content’s landing page
  • If the advertiser is not the owner the content’s landing page, the name of the advertiser and the content’s landing page

Image Guideline

Thumbnail Images Cannot Include:

  • Nudity or sexual imagery
  • Weapons
  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Imagery that is designed to provoke, offend, or shock
  • Circles or Arrows placed to highlight a specific part of the image
  • Violence, gore, or dead bodies
  • Graphic images of physical deformities or health conditions
  • Zoomed in body parts
  • Profanity or offensive language
  • Before/After Photos
  • Politicians/Celebrities for Product Endorsement

Quality & Appearance

  • All images must be relevant to the linked content.
  • Images must be good quality.
  • Images must be clear, recognizable, and properly oriented
  • Images that have been altered with Photoshop or other graphic editing softwares will not be permitted

Misleading Images

  • Images cannot employ deceptive practices to entice a user to click. These include:
    • Images that pretend to be a system or site warning
    • Images that use sensational tactics that are not relevant to the source material

Additional Guidelines for Publishers

Landing Page User Experience

  • Publishers who use Outbrain to drive traffic to their sites may be required to host user experiences that comply with the stated Outbrain content guidelines.

Prohibited Categories:

  • Inflammatory Political Content
  • True Crime stories older than 5 years
  • Negative representation of celebrities
  • Net Worth & Bankruptcy
  • Physical Appearance
  • Discrimination of any kind
  • “Perfectly-Timed” Photos

Examples of Accepted Categories Include:

  • Positive Celebrity Content
    • “15 Most Epic Celebrity Photobombs Ever Captured”
    • “‘Growing Pains’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know”
    • “Gigantic Movies That Are All Coming Out In 2017”
  • Positive Sports Content
    • “20 Greatest College Football Coaches, Ranked”
    • “All Time Greatest MLB Players By Team”
  • General Interest Content
    • “The 12 Most Expensive Weddings In History”
    • “The 10 Best Places to Vacation in the US”
    • “Awesomely Aggressive Windshield Notes You Should Totally Steal”
    • “Guilty Dogs That Will Have You Laughing For Days”
    • “2017: Hardest Colleges to Get Into in America”
  • Lifestyle and Beauty Content
    • “Age Gracefully With These 21 Classy Hairstyles”
    • “17 Cheap & Healthy Dinners That Will Hit the Spot Every Time”
    • “Haircut Inspiration: 30+ Gorgeous Short Hairstyles”


  • Remove sensational words such as “stuns”, “reveals”, “real reason”, “last words”, “years later”, “you won’t believe”, “make your skin crawl”, and “uncovers truth”. Any phrases that are similar should not be used as well.
  • Remove suggestive words such as “stunning”, “hottest”, “trophy wives” and “attractive”
  • Remove negative words such as “ruined”, “worst”, “disturbing”, “disgusting”, “horrifying”, and “hated”
  • Align headlines with the content. For example, “12 things…” when there are actually 40 slides


  • Should be relevant and included within the content being promoted
  • Should not display excessive amount of skin/cleavage
  • Should not display red arrows/circles that are meant to highlight something
  • Should not be photoshopped or simply designed to be ‘shocking’

Slideshow/Gallery Guidelines:

  • All slideshows should implement one of the following:
    • Place [Gallery] at the beginning of the title
    • Make the titles obvious that they are a slideshow – Top 10….
    • Limit/Shorten the slideshows to 15 slides with at least 5 lines of text on each slide
  • If the title mentions a specific celebrity, that celebrity must appear within the first 10 slides of the slideshow.
    • Title: Celebrities Sport Armani at the Oscars – Check out Julia Roberts! – [Julia Roberts is in the image wearing a red carpet dress]
  • If the title does not mention a specific celebrity, but does display one in the image, that image must appear somewhere in the slideshow
    • Title: Best Red Carpet Looks at the Oscars – [Julia Roberts is in the image wearing a red carpet dress]
  • News stories in slideshow format should not use headlines to insinuate recent or breaking news if it’s not current
    • Refrain from using phrases like “Truth Revealed 10 Years Later”